Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Podcast - Kevin Wilson "The Family Fang"

Stephen Usery interviews Kevin Wilson about his debut novel, The Family Fang. It's the story of Annie and Buster Fang, the children of noted performance artists who were used extensively in their parents' works and the effect it had on the family dynamic, as well as the career choices they made when they grew up. Both hilarious and heartbreaking, The Family Fang is already one of the most talked about debut novels of the year.

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Sverige said...

This is a coming of age story for the Fang family, all struggle to find new identities and sense of purpose as the children, Annie & Buster, chart lives of their own by choosing as their father calls it "inferior art". It is a fun quirky look at the dysfunction of a family as it struggles with children growing up and parents dealing with the empty nest syndrome. I really liked it.